Spanish Children’s Books: Oh Mi Corazón!

Spanish children’s books just might hold the keys to my corazón. 

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Spanish children’s books from Chicago Public Library.  PHOTO CREDIT: J. Heffron 8/21/14

My mother and mis suegros are on my case about having children.  I’m turning 30 in the near future, and I think they worry I might end up barren if I don’t get going before long.  ‘Old bag’ is the term that comes to mind.

I, however, still can’t seem to handle even the idea of being pregnant, much less being responsible for the health, intellectual development and emotional well-being of a tiny little creature for the next quarter century.  Combine that with my husband’s tendency to “Lion King” our friends’ children, and we will probably wait awhile longer.

What is ‘Lion King’-ing, you say?  Only holding someone’s child up in the air as though he or she is Simba being presented to the rest of the animal kingdom.  My husband says his maneuver is designed activate a mother’s protective instincts and get her to swoop in and take the child back immediately.  Then he is off the hook for holding it in the future.

Poor child's face protected to spare him and his parents the embarrassment.  Husband just got lucky with the angle.  Please don't pin.)  PHOTO CREDIT: J. Heffron, 12/22/2013
Child’s face protected to spare him and his poor parents the embarrassment. That devious marido of mine just got lucky with the angle. Please don’t pin. 🙂 PHOTO CREDIT: J. Heffron, 12/22/2013

Lucky for us, my sister and her husband are expecting a baby, and he or she will be the first baby in the family!  I’m so excited about my little niece or nephew that I may have already declared that the baby may call me Tía Juana.  You know, if it wants to.

I’m glad my younger sister is going first.  She’s just the cutest little pregnant lady I have ever seen.  I love to hug her and gleefully tell her belly, “Hola, Baby! Soy tu tía favorita!”

Yes, she thinks I’m crazy.

I’m planning a little surprise for the new kid on the block, so I went to the children’s library today to get some Spanish children’s books for inspiration.  Oh man, if my mother only knew that bilingual books might be the key to disabling the snooze button on my biological clock.

Spanish Children's Books | The Spain Inside
PHOTO CREDIT: J. Heffron 8/21/14

I love books; I always have.  But I don’t really have any books for children, especially not Spanish kids’ books.  And today I felt like a kid in the candy store.  When the librarian told me the check out limit was 20 (?!) books, I had to tell myself Oye, Loca, no necesitas 20 libros infantiles…but I wanted them all!  The librarian also told me that the children’s collection has books in seventeen different languages!

Spanish Children's Books, The Spain Inside, Spanish Kids Books
How cute are these? My favorite Spanish word is caracol and not only did I find a snail book, but a series of snail books! PHOTO CREDIT: J. Heffron, 8/21/14

I find reading kids’ books aloud really helpful for practicing my pronunciation.  After grade school we almost never read aloud, but there’s a kind of sensory pleasure that comes from making your tongue practice the movements.  To feel less like a weirdo, I like to go to the park and sit under a tree by myself and read aloud.  Try it!  I used to tutor English as a Second Language, and my student told me this tactic really helped her improve her English pronunciation!

Do you have any favorite Spanish children’s books or recommendations for English/Spanish bilingual ones?  I’d love your recommendations below!


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