Dish of Spanish Chickpeas and Rice.

Quick Weeknight Vegetarian Alternative to Paella

Dish of Spanish Chickpeas and Rice.
I was quite happy with how my dish turned out.  I made the Spanish Chickpeas and Rice recipe from Budget Bytes. PHOTO CREDIT: J. Heffron 6/12/15

My friend Jane sent me a fantastic recipe for Spanish Chickpeas and Rice from the blog, Budget Bytes.  She knows I love Spanish food, and this satisfied the part of my brain that has been craving paella lately.

The best part is I had everything on hand in my pantry except a can of artichoke hearts; nothing a quick walk to the corner grocery store couldn’t solve.

A few changes: I added a small jar of Dromedary diced red pimento peppers that I had in the pantry, and I used reconstituted lemon juice from the fridge instead of fresh lemon juice.  I also used a red onion because that’s what I had on hand, but I think it would have been better with a yellow onion.

Lastly, I also omitted the parsley because a.) I forgot to pick it up at the corner store and was too lazy to go back for it, and b.) after five minutes of scouring my cupboard for my dried parsley and not finding it, I decided to hell with it.  Next time I will add fresh parsley!

It was pretty delicious, and the smoked paprika and other spices together really do mimic the flavor of chorizo.

However, in the future  I think I am going to sear the chickpeas on high heat first so they get a little bit of char on them for added flavor.

My husband claims that the charred flavor is what we think of when we crave the taste of grilled meat; he says this technique is used a lot in stews.  (I’ll take his word for it.)

I think it serves about four people.  Head over to Budget Bytes to get the recipe and to drool over the gorgeous photos there.

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