How to Find Movies from Spain on Netflix

How to Find Movies from Spain on Netflix, TV shows from Spain on Netflix,

A queja about finding Spanish TV shows and movies on Netflix

Netflix’s interface sucks, ¿verdad?  I’m amazed that a company of its stature (and Amazon as well, while I’m griping) doesn’t make it easier to search by language.

Really, in 2015 I still have to go to a catchall “Foreign” category and sift through a bunch of anime just to find movies and shows in Spanish?

Why hasn’t whatever old-ass white guy who is running shit (sorry, let’s be real, that’s likely the case)  received a memo yet, telling him that the United States is the fifth largest Spanish-speaking country?

Or for that matter, that two-thirds of people who speak a language other than English at home are hablando en español?!!!

Netflix headquarters.jpg
Netflix headquarters” by Coolcaesar at en.wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons by User:Kelly using CommonsHelper.. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


It’s not like Netflix doesn’t have the raw data at hand; they just need to get a data/UX genius on the case so we can use it.

By failing to implement a straightforward “search by content language” feature on Netflix, I can’t help but feel the Spanish-speaking consumer isn’t a priority to the company. That’s a whole lot of purchasing power to be offending or missing out on, ¿no?

Don’t even get me started on wanting to seek out movies specifically from Spain versus Mexico, Chile or Argentina.  That’s just asking too much, despite the fact that Netflix can pay enough attention to my preferences to  suggest I would enjoy an entire category called “Witty TV Comedies Featuring a Strong Female Lead.”

Which I do, so, uh…thanks.  (Just because you suck at this one  thing doesn’t make us total enemies, OK Netflix?)

And then there’s this:

Detail of the <i>Velvet</i> listing on Netflix showing Spanish-language TV shows as a clickable category. PHOTO CREDIT: Netflix (fair use - commentary)
Detail of the Velvet listing on Netflix showing Spanish-language TV shows as a clickable category. PHOTO CREDIT: Netflix (fair use – commentary)

Last night as I was browsing around, looking at related titles, I noticed on the description page for Velvet, a series from Spain, the clickable genre of Spanish-language TV series.  See?!  It’s just more evidence that the information is indeed there, but it is not made easily accessible to viewers through the homepage’s interface.

When you click on this genre tag, you get a whole list of TV shows in Spanish. Among the highest-rated by viewers are three from Spain:  Grand Hotel, Velvet, and Águila Roja.

Spanish-language TV shows appear to be a hidden category in Netflix if you know how to find it! PHOTO CREDIT: Netflix (fair use - commentary)
Spanish-language TV shows appear to be a hidden category in Netflix if you know how to find it!  Three of the top five highest rated shows come from Spain!
PHOTO CREDIT: Netflix (fair use – commentary)

I then checked out the descriptions for a few Spanish movies to see if they carried a similar tag, but I found that Netflix doesn’t distinguish any further than to refer to them as “International Thriller” or “International Drama.”  ¡Qué decepción, Netflix!

How to find movies and TV shows from Spain on Netflix

So, how do I go about finding Spanish-language content from Spain on Netflix?

Sorry chicos, this isn’t going to be a “Use This One Amazing Trick To Do This Super Difficult Thing with Zero Real Effort” or “Five Little Hacks for Things That Don’t Require Hacking of Any Sort Because They Are Not Computers (So Stop Saying ‘Hack’ All the Damn Time)” Pinterest-bait kind of blog entries.

Honestly, I find Spanish movies by searching Spanish actors’ names and seeing what pops up.  Then I start clicking on the names of the co-stars in their movies, and see if that leads to anything interesting.

You’ve got to move beyond Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz to find stuff.  A few actors from Spain whose work I tend to enjoy include Luís Tosar, Belén Rueda, Elena Anaya, Carmen Maura, and Lola Dueñas.

I searched Paula Echevarría yesterday, and that’s how I learned Velvet is on Netflix at the moment.  (P.S. I read Season 2 is arriving in July.)

The Wikipedia Page for the Goya Awards in English or Spanish is another great resource.  The Goyas are Spain’s version of the Oscars.  You can see the list of movies that were big winners, which suggests to me that they would be worth watching.  Then I search them one by one to see what Netflix comes up with.

Keep in mind the selection changes.  A few years ago I watched Goya winners El Bola and Te doy mis ojos (Take My Eyes) on Netflix, but now they are no longer streaming. However, Goya Best Picture winners streaming on Netflix at the moment do include Mar adentro (The Sea Inside) and Blancanieves.

¡MIÉR…coles!  It might be that kind of blog entry after all

By accident, I just discovered there is a way to search for what we want, which is a list of movies from Spain.  Proceed to pin the shit out of this.

This cojonuda explanation comes from the unofficial Netflix fan site What’s On Netflix.

And I excerpt:
How this works is that you have to grab the Netflix search URL like this one. and where it says insert number… I think you get the point.

According to this website, 58741 is the code for Spanish movies.   The code for Latin American movies is believed to be 1613Visit their website to get the complete list of all genre codes.  They also post a monthly list of what is coming to and leaving Netflix.

Alternately, log into Netflix and then try these direct links:

Spanish movies –
Latin American movies –

When you put in the code for Spanish movies, you get this results page. PHOTO CREDIT: Netflix (fair use - commentary) Image from How to Search for Movies from Spain on Netflix at The Spain Inside
When you put in the code for Spanish movies, you get this results page. PHOTO CREDIT: Netflix (fair use – commentary)

Are they all actually in Spanish though, or are some of them just English-language productions from Spain?

I’m not sure.  I clicked on Blackthorn, which stars Sam Shephard, and with a name like that I thought for sure it would be an English-language film.  Yet when I skimmed through it a bit, sure enough, his character Butch Cassidy speaks both English and Spanish in the film and it takes place in Bolivia.  Vaya.

However Automata, which stars the original Spanish heartthrob Antonio Banderas, is included in this list, and its entire cast is English-speaking.  So it appears the answer is both.

While far from a perfect method, using these links will cut down on the amount of scrolling through anime or sheer guessing that you’ll have to do to find great Netflix movies from Spain.

But seriously Neflix, get it together.  It shouldn’t be this perplexing to find what we want.

Links to Lists of Spanish series and movies on Netflix

Those enlaces, one more time with feeling!

Spanish-language TV shows on Netflix:
Spanish movies/Movies from Spain:
Latin American movies on Netflix –

Joder, I can’t believe that works.

How to Find Movies from Spain on Netflix, TV shows from Spain on Netflix,
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4 thoughts on “How to Find Movies from Spain on Netflix

  1. What a relief. I’d about given up. My Spanish speaking friend told me about El Gran Hotel. Of course, it can’t have Spanish subtitles AND Spanish on NETFLIX, that’s asking too much, but I guess at this rate I shouldn’t be picky.
    Any help with cartoons in Spanish? I have to give in to Youtube for those. Very few cartoons let me change the language to Spanish on NETFLIX. And since the rule in the house is—no, you can’t watch cartoons unless they’re in Spanish, we’re missing out on a lot of good stuff. Like Curious George. God, get it together NETFLIX. Great job on the big picture. I found this on Pinterest! Ha!

    1. Maybe not on Netflix, but I have a Spanish friend with a young child. I’ll pick his brain for some online options! Great idea for a future post!

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