If You Like Golden Girls, Las chicas de oro Will Steal Your Heart

Las chicas de oro from TVE. PHOTO CREDIT: Televisión Española
Las chicas de oro: Blanca, Rosa, Sofía y Doroti. PHOTO CREDIT: Televisión Española (fair use – commentary)

Alcohol es una buena idea… a veces!

Last weekend I helped a relative celebrate her “Last Sail Before the Veil” (that’s what my bridesmaid tank top says, anyway) and besides making the genius decision to imbibe in this order–sangría, sparkling wine, a mixed drink, followed by BEERS because I was clearly making good life choices–I had a great Spanish blog idea.

It came to me late in the evening when I was taking a head count while serving as the party’s “field trip chaperone.”  I heard one of the ladies slur ask, “What was the name of the slutty one?” and I soon realized they were talking about the 1980s series Golden Girls. 

“Blanche! Her name is Blanche!”  I responded, a little too enthusiastically.

She seemed unconvinced, so I began rattling off all the characters’ names and descriptions.  Another woman and I may have been the only people present who actually remembered the 80s! Before I knew it, I found myself telling them about Las chicas de oro, Spain’s short-lived remake of the series.

Las chicas de oro

If you love Blanche, Rose, Sophia and Dorothy, then it’s time you meet Blanca, Rosa, Sofía and Doroti.

The TVE remake lasted just one season but featured powerhouse Spanish actresses including Carmen Maura and Concha Velasco.  You’ve likely seen Maura in several Almodóvar movies, and Velasco is the head housekeeper Ángela Salinas on Gran Hotel.

The episodes are available for free from within the United States with no registration required!

I’ve embedded the episodes below, but in case these links stop working, you can find links to full streaming episodes of Las chicas de oro here.

Also, clicking the link at the bottom of each video that reads “Capítulo” followed by an episode number will take you directly to the TVE media player page for that episode.  For some reasons Ep. 10 – 13 embedded below don’t seem to be loading correctly via embed, but play fine when I follow those links.


Streaming Episodes


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