Gym Virtual delivers exercise videos in Spanish for a swift patada in the pants!

Excerpt of monthly exercise calendar for Gym Virtual which offers exercise videos in Spanish. PHOTO CREDIT: fair use- commmentary)
Gym Virtual offers a monthly exercise calendar to guide you in your fitness journey. PHOTO CREDIT: fair use – excerpt for commentary)

¿Could Spainlandia help me in my quest for más energía?

For the past month I’ve been struggling with physical fatigue.  For reasons known and unknown to me, I’ve gained ten pounds and lost about 70% of my daily energy.  It sucks, and the problem with having no energy is that not doing anything (trying to conserve energy) paradoxically leads to feeling even more tired.

Although nearly every fiber of my being hates the idea of exercising, there is one tiny, rational part of my brain which keeps pestering me, reminding me that regular exercise leads to increased energy in the long run.  But when I look back on past attempts to exercise, they all end up the same way:  me getting bored and giving up.

I’ve also been wanting to get back into studying Spanish daily, so I wondered whether exercising en español might keep my brain engaged enough to distract me from the boredom of physical exertion.  If I don’t have enough energy for both things, why not combine them? Hence my search for exercise videos in Spanish!

Bienvenidos a Gym Virtual, your virtual gym filled with free exercise videos in Spanish!

Although it was fairly easy to find workout videos in Spanish online, there were far fewer options for exercise videos from Spain itself.  The quality option that stood out to me is Patry Jordan’s YouTube channel, Gym Virtual which led me to her free exercise website of the same name.

Patry Jordán is a beautician and athletic trainer from Girona, Spain.  She joined YouTube back in 2010.  She sits atop the Secretos de Chicas empire, has more than 2 million followers, and is among the most popular bloggers in all of Spain.  (For more about her, read this interview in Spanish. )

Patry Jordán kicked my culo, because of course she did

exercise videos in Spanish by Patry Jordan, a YouTube star from Spain
Patry Jordan, La Reina of exercise videos from Spain. PHOTO CREDIT: Gym Virtual Facebook Page

Not knowing where to begin, I picked the first video listed under Popular Uploads on the Gym Virtual YouTube channel.  It’s called “CARDIO INTENSO 30 MINUTOS PARA ADELGAZAR RÁPIDO” (INTENSE 30-MINUTE CARDIO TO SLIM DOWN RAPIDLY) and has been viewed 10.3 million times.  Oh, it’s just a half hour, I thought to myself.  Surely I can do that.  

Hombre, I didn’t even last three minutes.  Patry delivered a swift kick to my my atrophied ass.  So now I view this video as my “one day” goal, as in “One day I will be able to do this workout without nearly having an asthma attack.”   If you are already into fitness, more power to you, adelante and suerte, my friend.

It was time to try something without intenso in the title.  In the future, I’ll be seeking out the combination of cardio with principiantes (beginners!)


Instead, I decided to give #TonoBaile a try, which a dance routine to–what else?–slim and tone the body.  The video I did was 8:50 and is called “Bailando y entrenando | Tonobaile.”  Sure, it took me a while to get the hang of it, but the point was to get sweaty alone in my living room, so who cares if I messed up the moves?    

I also enjoyed listening to Patry call out the commands and give encouragement in Spanish.  Have you ever thought about how you would tell someone to squeeze their butt more?  I hadn’t until I watched this video! (Apretar is what you need, duh, by the way.)  

Also let me take this opportunity to remind you that if you purchase a Chromecast, you can stream these video from your phone or your computer directly to your TV, making it a thousand times easier to follow along.

Google Chromecast available for $35 from I use my Chromecast almost daily; it’s money well spent. Click through to support Spainlandia by purchasing through this affiliate link.

There’s a comunidad waiting for you at Gym Virtual

Overall, I found the experience of exercising en español amusing enough to encourage me to try it again.  And another feature that’s really cool is on the website (not YouTube, the actual site) is if you sign up for an account,  you’ll get access to the monthly workout calendar. There’s even a set “beginner’s calendar” for you to use to get you up to speed, so you don’t have to jump into the monthly routine right away.

Another awesome features is that she gets her followers to submit before and after photos, showing off their positive transformations.  It’s nice to see women of all ages and body types achieving health and what appears to be happiness.

As far as I can tell, all the offerings on her site are free, which is really cool. Maybe she gets so much web traffic that she can sustain herself on advertising revenues alone?  I sure hope so!  Imagine your exercise videos in Spanish paying your rent each month.  (Forgive me, the SEO plug-in keeps nagging me to stuff this entry with more “exercise videos in Spanish” uses.  And that last one was shameless and awkward.  Ugh.  Lo siento mucho, friends.)

Bottom line:  if you’ve tried everything to get interested in exercising, and nothing seems to do the trick (because, let’s face it, exercise bores some of us to tears) take your brain along with you next time for an en español challenge with Patry Jordán.


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