Adding “un toque” of Spanish Flair to Your Home

Custom Spanish fireplace with carved corbels and rolled plaster. Living room of Modern Spanish Home in Pasadena. Interior design by Charmean Neithart Interiors. Photo by Erika Bierman
Modern Spanish Home in Pasadena. Interior design by Charmean Neithart Interiors. Photo by Erika Bierman via

Ay Dios Mío, She’s Alive!

Saludos to the three people who actually still visit this dusty little corner of the internet, long-neglected at the expense of my day job.  What can I say?  It’s been a rough winter. So rough that it’s April and I hear it may snow later this week.  (Joder.)  Anyway, thanks for hangin’ with me.

The happy place I escape to in my mind is a sunshine-filled day in Seville, Spain in which I walk among the beautiful buildings.  I’d love to bring a bit of that home somehow, but I haven’t quite figured out how to crack that codigo yet.

Apartments in La Triana barrio of Sevilla. Photo by J. Heffron 6/21/16
Apartments in La Triana barrio of Sevilla.  Take me baaaaaaack.  Photo by J. Heffron 6/21/16

I live in a standard Chicago apartment, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a nice large open concept space in which the kitchen, living room and dining room are all connected.  It’s a lovely home, don’t get me wrong, but especially the kitchen is just not my taste.

My kitchen, which lacks Spanish flair
My kitchen, which has very little Spanish flair. This was New Year’s Eve a few years ago. We don’t normally drink this much. (Hence ID protection for my lovely guests.) Photo by J. Heffron, 12/31/2013

However, If I could figure out how to fake the inside of my apartment to look like a Los Angeles-area Spanish Colonial home, I’d be one happy chica.  


Since I have neither unlimited money nor patience or skill for DIY renovation, I’ll have to content myself with drooling over these homes on, which is like Pinterest for Homes minus all the shitty crockpot recipes and unnerving  “How to Please Your Man” articles.

How to Add Spanish Flair to Your Home

My favorite designer on Houzz, hands down, is Charmean Neithart of Pasadena, CA.  Neithart has written an excellent article called “15 Ways to Make Your Home Speak Spanish.”  Enjoy flipping through the slides below, and click through to read the whole article.

Although really it might be more accurate to say Make Your Home Speak “Spanish-American” since what I love about Neithart’s style is that she manages to also incorporate Moroccan, Indian and Mexican pieces into her Spanish-style homes and still somehow keeps everything looking cohesive.  Definition of an American melting pot if I’ve ever seen one.

Photo by Erika Bierman via

Charmean Neithart also seems like a genuinely lovely person.  A few years ago, from my top-secret (read: not so secret) personal Houzz account, I’d left a comment on one of her photos asking about a paint color, and she very kindly wrote back, giving me the manufacturer and shade. How kind!

Big Fun! Spainlandia is now on Houzz!

Yes, this blog, which is barely ever updated, has for some insane reason decided to expand its online presence!  Spainlandia now has an account on Houzz and I welcome you to join me there and creep on more Spanish beauty there.  I’ve been so obsessed lately that after seeing the picture below online I decided to take up wood carving.  Gotta get some of this Spanish flair in my life.

I’m probably a long way off from carving up a cocina like this one for myself.  A chica can dream… 
“Santa Fe Project” Photo by Carved Custom Cabinets via

First class is in late April.  We’ll see if I can manage to not slice my thumbs off.  OK, hasta luego for now!

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