No plane to Spain? No problem!

La Juana quiere España

¡Hola! I’m Jeanne, and I write about my efforts to savor the Spanish life at home. My nickname in certain circles is Juana.

In 2006 I spent six months studying in Madrid, Spain. Since then I’ve been striving to maintain not only my language skills, but a sense of Spanish values in my life. Too often as Americans we find ourselves living to work instead of working to live.

To be clear, I do support leading a productive and ambitious life. But a life built upon the ideals of productivity and ambition can teeter precariously if those two things are not anchored in a solid foundation of the people, experiences and things that bring us joy.

This blog is an effort to connect with the Spanish experience without having to leave home. I hope to share with you different ways to experience the food, language, and culture of Spain.



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